Webtradex.com is a scam they stole money from invetors

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Webtradex.com is a scam.They are raising seed money to try and compete against Wall Street.

A guy named Jeff Robinson is trying to sell people on the idea to invest enough money into the project and move on to another project. Pump and dump is the name of his game.

Just beware and do the research.

In order to allow this scam to work it has to be ran from Eastern European countries, exactly where illegal hacker scams comes from.It's very scary that Jeff Robinson continues to steal funds from innocent investors trying to profit from simple new technologies in fact it's a ponzie scheme.

Review about: Money Investment.



His real name is Peter Robinson FYI. Plenty of stuff out there under that name. Jeff might be his middle name

to ScammedInVegas Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain #635596



Same guys as Webtradex are now foisting their fraud on the world via BirthdaySlam. Watch out ... The same group of people are defrauding investors and development partners just like all the people above.


Scammed us too. BirthdaySlam is the latest. Original name was BirthdaySpam and BirthdayScam.

Now they're back in Poland sleezing around again after we wouldn't work for free. Jeff Robinson and his gang are a professional group of scam artists, in our opinion.

Do your homework on this guy before doing any business.


The same story happened to me, Cookee with Jeff Robinson and Randy Berger promised to do a web site for me.It took them over 8 months and it all cost me over $20,000.

They didn't finish my web site, stole my money, promises, promises. Delivered really bad design. The whole team was absolutely unprofessional.

They also charged for SEO marketing for 4 months, they have never delivered.They have been living in Las Vegas and now in Barcelona.


Under name Cookee Inc.they had much unpaid taxes and wages in both United States and Poland.

Many thousands in unpaid wages in Poland is now in investigations. Many clients pay in full in United States many thousands and web projects incompleted. All lines to contact with jeff is disconnect.

Very bad persons with new scams being 3W Capital and Webtradex.Sean and Kam are only front man for scams.


other options to warn the public about these cheaters:








What is 3W Capital?site is suspicious.

do the Robinson's and Mr. Shaw intend to replace Current Capital Corp with 3W? because Current Capital Corp is their other fraud company which has disappeared after major charges in US and Canada. they think they can just close one company, then start new scam in Europe?

These are classic *** men. Be careful!

Try to locate Current Capital now.website is gone!


jeff have left many clients cheated.he take thousands from customers for website design and then leave country?

scam! several client are organize against him but how much can we do? has fled US?

how long can must remain Barcelona?When does webtradex launch he will pay with webtradex name now in tarnish

Homosassa, Florida, United States #239276

I feel bad for all the people that have worked endless hours for Jeff Robinson & Webtradex and their Internet company Cookee and didn't get paid. Even worse the customers that paid tons of money for websites that were never completed.

I will be handing this over to our fraud department to see what can be done, because if anyone opens an Internet company they can be tracked down and brought to justice.


I was robbed also.I was client of other company of Jeff Robinson Cookee.

Paid over than $15,000 US for website and was delayed for many month. Office do not respond to phone calls. Site unfinished.7 month overdue. Now Jeff have left Las vegas?

He left US permanent? Now in Barcelona? How will get my money??

please share more.it is too much money to lose!


It is true the guy is a sleaze.His whole family is scummy.

There is major SEC investigation into the whole Robinson Family out of Toronto, including brothers Terrance and John. Official

RICO and Mortgage Fraud documents are floating out there on the internet. Jeff has fled Canada and the U.S. - he is delinquent on taxes in both the U.S.

and Poland.The whole family seems to have relocated (ran to) Barcelona.

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